We put together a small collection of the videos that inspire us to head up the mountain each day. You can find these videos and more playing in Nozawa Peaks each morning. 

A film by Christian Haller and Kris Lüdi

A film by Christian Haller, Kris Lüdi, Stephan Maurer. 
The look back follow angles are some of the best. The Japanese section starts at 10.40. 

A film by Korua Shapes
The whole 'Yearning for turning' series is worth a watch. 

A little bit of Nozawa Onsen in this one, the refreshing viewpoint from a Japanese snowboarder. 

The Car Danchi series is one of the best, Film #10 features Nozawa Onsen and is only available on DVD. While this is just a trailer, we thought we could not make a list without including this gem. 

Antti Autti snowboarding in Japan