Top 5 ski runs Nozawa Onsen

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Nozawa Onsen has a great variety of courses to ski or snowboard, there are 36 trails in total. These are a few of Top 5 favourite runs:

#5 Uenotaira

1,400m green: At many ski resorts, beginners and novice skiers are restricted to stay at the bottom of the mountain as this is where the gentle slopes are located, but not in Nozawa Onsen. Uenotaira offers the best gentle course of the whole resort and is located at the top of the new Nagasaka gondola. Served by a 4 seater chairlift with a hood, enjoy a safe ride back up to the beginning of the slope. This is where I learned to ski, before progressing to the even better Paradise slope (see #2).

#4 Yamabiko

1,300m red: The top of the mountain and the most user friendly powder snow courses you will find in Nozawa Onsen. Yamabiko is in fact five separate courses, all red for intermediate/advanced, all groomed except for one ungroomed powder/mogul course. The best views in Nozawa Onsen. Come early for the fresh groomed runs and powder. It can get bumpy in the afternoon.

#3 Karasawa

3,000m green: If you want an entire 3km run to yourself, check our Karasawa. Although best suited to beginners and intermediates, anyone can have fun with ample space to carve and fly into the powder built up on either side. Karasawa goes unnoticed due to access via Skyline, which is an intermediate/advanced course. Most intermediate/advanced skiers do not want to traverse down to this green run, meaning the snow stays mostly untouched all day.

#2 Paradise

1,200m green: One of the widest beginner areas in existence, allowing ample space to practice carving. The pitch of Paradise is absolutely perfect for beginners to improve after starting at the magic carpet at the bottom of the mountain or at Uenotaira (#5 on our list). Also featuring some of the best restaurants on the mountain. If green runs are not your thing, Paradise gives direct access to some of the steepest courses in Nozawa Onsen (Challenge area) and serves as a good warmup en route.

#1 Skyline

4,500m red/black: The fastest way from the top of the mountain to the bottom, this intermediate to advanced course starts by snaking down the ridge line as a red, becoming a black half way down. Often referred to as a rollercoaster, Skyline also has a few flat spots to give the legs a rest and take in the amazing views before dropping into the next fast section. For skiers who do not want to take the black section of Skyline, there are two beginner friendly cat tracks which guide you down to the bottom via Karasawa. Intermediate skiers do not have to take the advanced black section of Skyline.

These are our favourite areas to ski in Nozawa Onsen. If you have any questions about the Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort we will be happy to help, contact us here.